RUST RED PARKING LOT. Another proof of my addiction to floor long garments... But seriously, who cares! I simply love this skirt!! And the best part of it? I saw it at American Apparel a couple of weeks ago and it was 60 $. I didn’t buy it because I thought it was too much. Now I found the similar skirt at Forever21 for only 13 bucks!! You see this skirt just needed to be bought! I love finding bargains
I hope you had a nice weekend folks!


WEEKEND. I went downtown on Saturday, spent amazing hours enjoying the sun, met a friend and finally got to see the Bean. My weekend has been very good so far. I am having an amazing time here, although I miss my family and friends. But life is good and I feel even better! Enjoy your Sunday guys!


HEY FOLKS! Soon Google Friends Connect will be abolished. This means we need alternatives. Therefor I decided to found a Facebook page. It would mean a lot to me if you would like it here. Due to the page I can keep you updated. Moreover you could follow Valerie Marie via bloglovin. It is very simple to subscribe here. So stay tuned! 


MODERN HIPPIE. Is there anything better than long dresses in summer? Nothing, right? I love them especially when they still show your legs. This is my second see through dress, lace and mint green. Luckily the dress matches perfectly with my new amazing bag! What do you think?


TRUE... I hope you are having a great weekend! We will leave again for Chicago tomorrow.
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BRIGHTON BY THE SEA. This amazing seaside resort is located on the south coast of Great Britain. King Gorge IV spent much of his leisure time in the town and constructed the Royal Pavilion during the early part of his Regency.

Brighton offers a huge variety of cultural highlights. The theatre is amazing, the carnival is worth visiting when you are there during this spectacle (usually in August), the cityscape is stunning and there are a lot culinary delicacies to tire.
Since I love architecture I was overwhelmed by all the tiny lanes, the Townhouses and the whole atmosphere.
You should definitively visit "Cream Tea". One day I was sitting there, having the best scones and tea ever, it was raining and some musicians played guitar outside – cliché, but it made me feel so good. Moreover you should visit the Pier. Already the yummy smell of donuts and all those sweets makes it worth it!
Moreover it is pretty easy to get to Brighton. London Gatwick Airport is close to it and you can reach the city easily via train from London.
For me Brighton has everything I love about Britain, especially charm. If you like London, you will love Brighton!


DRESS. We spent another amazing day at Boca Raton. I had a blast driving a wave runner and had delicious ice cream at Kilwins. Seriously, I could survive only eating their yummy sweets. Best things ever!!!
Nevertheless, I got the chance to take these pictures when we got back from the ocean today. Finally you get to see my new favorite dress. Every time I put it on I feel so good wearing it. So what do you think?


BEACH. We enjoyed the day at the ocean at Boca Raton Resort and it was amazing! This place is stunning. Everything is so thoughtful and you don't need to worry about anything. I am so grateful to be able to make all these experiences!! 
 And a huge thank you to the photographer of this pictures!


RED RED RED. It is hard to find the perfect shade of red. I finally found an amazing nail polish: OPI  “Big Apple Red”!


                                  I am going to Florida tomorrow. I am so excited, expect a lot of pictures soon!


LACE SHORTS. I have been to the Botanic Garden today. It was amazing! I had a lot of fun and my lace shorts were the perfect choice because it was so hot – again! I kind of got used to it. Crazy weather…


I remember when I was little how my mom and I would pretend that I was all grown up.
She'd let me wear her high heels, or try on her jewelry. And sometimes, she'd even get out the lipstick.
 There wasn't another girl in the whole world who felt more beautiful or more special than I did on those days...

It is funny. I've got my own makeup now. High heels and jewelry, too. And even though my mom still knows how to make me feel special, on days like this all I can think about is what a special woman she is.

And how beautiful she's always been in my eyes!

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I'm so proud being your daughter. You are my role model.

Even if there is an ocean between us, I hope you will spend a great day!

I love you.


STUNNING. We went downtown on Saturday aaand: This city rocks!! I am showing you the pictures of the city tomorrow.


SNAPSHOT. My first week in Chicago. I hope you like them. Find me on intagram: "valeriemarieblog"

60th POOL.

RETRO. Sorry for being so bad in updating lately! I promise there will be more posts in the following week. I love this Forever 21 dress I bought in NYC (especially with my favorite earrings!).

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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